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Turn-key solutions

Bravo Lighting works closely with our customers to provide end-to-end LED lighting solutions. From selecting the right lighting products to serve your project and budget, to getting the most from available incentives and rebates available in each state.


We can provide an energy audit of your existing property. Our team will come to your location and review all key points. We then deliver an in-depth analysis designed to show your facility’s energy-saving potential. You will have a clear picture of your current energy usage and your options for savings with process improvements and equipment recommendations.


Today energy companies and state governments are being mandated to provide incentives to get more properties upgraded to LED technologies, which is longer-lasting and more energy efficient. There are various tax incentives and rebates available in each state to help with the upfront costs. We help our clients get money back for their investment in LED.


When looking at LED, there are few simple calculations that can be made to determine return on investment. Although there is an upfront cost on the fixtures, there are also immediate incentives and rebates that can be realized. Adding to that the month over month cost savings that come from a reduced utility bill. Quality LED lights also last longer and require less maintenance, further adding to ROI.

wHAT WE DO: Applications

What we do



Lighting Up Event Centers

The primary goals of convention hall lighting is to attract attendees, put a spotlight on performers, speakers and exhibitors. You want to provide sufficient lighting to keep an environment inviting, bright and safe. LED Lighting with high Color Rendering makes common areas, meeting rooms, exhibit halls great places for companies to do business and everyone to enjoy special events.


Big Venue, Big Action

Arenas and stadiums require reliable and cost effective solutions to put a spotlight on the athletes and the entertainment. Whether the venue hosts sporting events, concerts or speaker presentations, we help our customers find the right lighting solutions to meet their needs to keep the crowd engaged.


Keeping It Bright

It is essential to have sufficient and bright lighting in all areas of a warehouse or industrial space. With the need for abundant lighting and comfortable temperatures for the workforce, facility managers often struggle to keep cooling costs from soaring through the roof. Upgrading to a smart lighting systems can cut energy expenses on average between 20 – 60% depending on the system installed. Energy efficient lights not only saves money, but also improves the work conditions.


A Light in the Dark

A well-lit parking lot or garage is essential to any business or community center. At night it ensures comfort and safety for customers, employees and neighbors. Not only will you be providing a light in the dark, you will be adding energy efficiency, often showing more than 60% energy savings over other lighting options. These lights are also offer low maintenance making it an easy and safe choice.


Lighting Up Your Community

Improve community life and enhance well-being for residents and employees alike, with Bravo energy saving lighting solutions. We can provide lighting plans and lighting recommendations and readily work with third-parties to get consensus on the best product options to meet the needs of the community.


Bright and Clean

We provide a number of solutions to keep hospitals and medical facilities bright and clean while reducing energy costs. We provide lighting for building interiors and exteriors that help patients, health care professionals, and visitors see better in ways that are softer and easier on the eyes. LED Lighting can also help medical professionals stay alert longer, as florescent lighting which emits a rapid flashing, can be tiring on the eyes. LED Lighting improves light quality and are long lasting, require lower maintenance, and offer reliable emergency back up options.


Resilient and Efficient

LED roadway lighting is a foundational solution for helping to enhance quality of life and improve infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. LED street lighting fixtures enhance illumination along city streets while providing savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer-rated lifetimes. Discover the many ways LED street lights are superior to legacy lighting technologies like HID Lighting.


Achieve More, Live Better

Improve office life and enhance well-being for colleagues and visitors, with Bravo Lighting energy saving office and interior lighting. Today office designers and managers increasingly focus on employee productivity and well-being, in addition to energy and operational efficiency. Bravo Lighting solutions enable businesses to achieve these diverse goals and those enjoying any type of interior space live better.


Inviting and Stylish Solutions

The primary goals of retail lighting are to attract customers, provide sufficient lighting for the evaluation of merchandise, and facilitate completion of the sale. In addition, lighting is part of a store’s atmosphere and helps to communicate the retailer’s brand image to the consumer. You will be pleased to see how LED Lighting with high Color Rendering makes products and colors stand out.


Illuminate Bright Minds

Indoor and outdoor lighting to improve the learning environment for both students and teachers. LED Lights are soft on the eyes and have high Color Rendering which helps the learning experience as it is not tiring on the eyes. Florescent bulbs emit rapid flashing which can tire the eyes and are not nearly as conducive to concentration and study. LED retrofits or new installs can be used to brighten entry ways, hallways and classrooms, as well as pathways, gymnasiums and athletic fields.


Cool lighting idea

Cold storage environments provide numerous challenges relative to lighting and energy efficiency. Bravo Lighting is well equipped to address these challenges with a complete line of lighting solutions for cold storage environments. LED Cold Storage lamps made of aluminum and plastic offer easy installation and maintenance while posing no threat to food due to broken glass or any kind of gas or mercury release, like in the case of fluorescent tubes.


Lighting a Patch to Success

Supply your commercial building with high quality and affordable lighting. Increase light levels and reduce energy costs. Our LED lighting solutions are for both interior and exterior lighting needs. In addition to supplying and installing fixtures and bulbs we can also provide support on rebate applications. Your savings will make a difference to your bottom line.

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We are here to serve your needs. Whether you are looking at upgrading your current lighting or starting new construction, we’ll make sure you get the right products for your project that fit your budget and get the most out of the available rebates in your state.

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