All of our LED lighting products come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Each lighting brand comes with its own warranty. All of these are for at least 5 years. The true value of a warranty is that the company will be around in the future for you if there ever is an issue. Our brands are long-standing and are team is here to help if any warranty issues should arise.


Rebates vary by state. It is important to be aware that the specifics change all the time, and the more time that passes, the less incentives and rebates are needed as more people make the transition to LED and becomes the new standard in lighting.


Our team will provide a detailed calculation for you based on your project location, lighting needs and the products your use.

LED lighting ROI calculations always prove a savings and pay for themselves within an 18 – 36 month period. Additional incentives and rebates can make the investment pay for itself even faster.

If you have an existing facility, some key questions to ask would be:
> Monthly utility bill?
> How often does current lighting need maintenance or replacement?


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