Energy Efficient Lighting


As one of the nation’s premier manufacturers, importers and distributors of high quality, energy efficient lighting products Bravo Lighting utilizes a broad range of proprietary and other industry-leading products to create customized lighting solutions for each of its customers.  Bravo’s team is passionate about the industry and fully committed to providing its clients with cost cutting, sustainable lighting solutions that will reduce environmental footprints and ultimately make these businesses more competitive in this complex economy.

With the help of numerous strategic energy analysis partners, Bravo consistently demonstrates 50 to 75 percent energy savings for its clients. Many of the unique plans designed by Bravo Lighting include a combination of energy rebates from utility companies, lowered maintenance costs, monthly energy savings, tax depreciation savings, minimal upfront out-of-pocket costs, and a return of investment of less than two years.  While cutting energy costs, Bravo simultaneously provides top of the line products that produce more light and less heat than traditional lighting systems.  Whether it is retrofitting an existing building, installing in new construction, or providing electronic smart ballast control systems to make current fixtures and lamps more efficient, energy efficient lighting solutions is the way of the future and Bravo Lighting will ensure your project is handled in the best possible way.